From Blockchain to the Fast Lane: How Women Are Steering Both Industries Forward

In a world increasingly driven by technology and innovation, women are breaking barriers and making significant strides in two distinct yet interconnected domains: blockchain technology and the automotive industry. With a profound impact on the fast-evolving landscape of these fields, these women are leading the charge, demonstrating that they not only belong but also excel. This article is a comprehensive exploration of the remarkable stories of women who are driving progress in both blockchain and the automotive sector, shaping the future of technology and transportation.


The worlds of blockchain technology and the automotive industry may seem poles apart, but they share a common thread—the increasing influence of women in driving progress and innovation. As these traditionally male-dominated fields become more inclusive, women are not only finding their place but also leaving their indelible mark. This article is a celebration of the achievements of women who are steering both industries forward, reshaping the future, and pioneering new opportunities in technology and transportation.

Women Leading the Way in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology, with its transformative potential in various sectors, is an arena where women are playing increasingly significant roles. Here are some remarkable women who are leading the way:

1. Perianne Boring

Perianne Boring is the Founder and President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a leading trade association representing the blockchain industry. Her advocacy and relentless efforts have been instrumental in promoting blockchain technology and fostering collaboration between the industry and policymakers. Boring’s work has a profound impact on the regulatory landscape, which is vital for the adoption of blockchain in various sectors, including automotive.

2. Amber Baldet

Amber Baldet is the CEO and co-founder of Clovyr, a blockchain startup dedicated to simplifying decentralized applications. Her previous experience at J.P. Morgan, where she led the development of Quorum, an enterprise-focused blockchain platform, demonstrates her prowess in bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology. The innovations in which she’s been involved have wide-ranging implications for sectors such as automotive financing and supply chain management.

3. Sandra Ro

Sandra Ro is the CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), an organization that plays a pivotal role in educating and advocating for blockchain technology on a global scale. Her work in the establishment of Bitcoin and blockchain products at CME Group has contributed to the blockchain ecosystem. The applications of blockchain in the automotive industry, particularly in areas like vehicle history and provenance, can benefit from her insights.

4. Caitlin Long

Caitlin Long is the Founder and CEO of Avanti Financial Group, a blockchain-based bank. She has been a prominent advocate for blockchain technology in the financial sector and played a significant role in Wyoming’s blockchain-friendly legislation. Her work not only contributes to the financial aspects but also has implications for blockchain applications in automotive financing.

5. Galia Benartzi

Galia Benartzi is the co-founder of Bancor, a decentralized liquidity network. Her contributions to blockchain technology have helped increase liquidity in the crypto space, facilitating blockchain-based transactions. In the automotive industry, blockchain applications may benefit from the efficiency and security offered by such liquidity networks.

These women are trailblazers, pioneering advancements in blockchain technology that are impacting a multitude of industries, including the automotive sector.

Women at the Helm of the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation, and women are playing crucial roles in this shift. Here are some exceptional women who are leading the way:

1. Mary Barra

Mary Barra is the Chairperson and CEO of General Motors (GM). She is the first woman to lead a major global automaker. Under her leadership, GM has committed to electrify its entire vehicle lineup by 2035 and become carbon neutral by 2040. Her vision for sustainability and innovation is reshaping the automotive sector.

2. Rivkah Fisher

Rivkah Fisher is the CEO and Co-founder of BeautiFuel, a startup focused on converting organic waste into renewable fuels. While not directly in the automotive sector, her work at the intersection of sustainability and automotive technology is contributing to the development of cleaner and more sustainable fuel options.

3. Safra Catz

Safra Catz is the CEO of Oracle Corporation, a global tech giant that provides cloud computing solutions. While not an automotive company, Oracle’s cloud technologies play a critical role in enabling connected and autonomous vehicle systems. Her leadership is integral to the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

4. Dr. Ruoxi Jia

Dr. Ruoxi Jia is the Co-founder and CEO of Perceptive Automata, a company that specializes in developing human behavior prediction software for autonomous vehicles. Her work is at the forefront of creating safer and more reliable self-driving technology.

5. Linda Zhang

Linda Zhang is the Chief Engineer of Ford’s electric vehicles. She played a key role in the development of the Mustang Mach-E, Ford’s first all-electric SUV. Her work is contributing to Ford’s shift toward electric mobility and sustainability.

These women are driving innovation in the automotive industry, from electrification to autonomous driving and sustainability.

Collaboration and Challenges

While these women have achieved significant success, they also highlight the importance of collaboration and addressing ongoing challenges. Women continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions in both industries, and gender pay gaps persist. Moreover, workplace biases and the need for more mentorship and networking opportunities remain important issues.

However, the success stories of these women demonstrate the power of diversity and inclusion in fueling innovation and progress.

The Role of Role Models

Role models play a vital role in inspiring the next generation of women in blockchain technology and the automotive industry. The accomplishments of these women provide concrete evidence that success transcends gender. By celebrating their achievements and sharing their stories, we can encourage more women to embark on careers in technology, automotive engineering, and blockchain.

Moving Forward

To continue increasing diversity in these fields, several key strategies should be considered:

1. Mentorship Programs:

Establish mentorship programs connecting women in the industry with aspiring professionals. Mentorship offers guidance, support, and shared experiences crucial for career development.

2. Educational Initiatives:

Support educational initiatives and scholarships that encourage women to pursue careers in blockchain technology, automotive engineering, and related fields.

3. Networking Opportunities:

Create forums and events facilitating networking and collaboration among women in the industry. A supportive community helps women navigate challenges and explore opportunities.

4. Encourage Workplace Inclusivity:

Companies should actively foster an inclusive workplace culture valuing diversity and providing equal opportunities for all employees.

5. Advocate for Gender Equality:

Champion initiatives and policies promoting gender equality and addressing issues such as gender pay gaps.


Women are leading the way in both the blockchain and automotive industries, reshaping the landscape and driving innovation. Their stories illustrate the transformative power of diversity and inclusion, proving that success knows no gender boundaries. By celebrating their achievements and advocating for greater gender diversity, we can ensure that the next generation of women continues to steer both industries forward. The path forward is one of collaboration, mentorship, education, and advocacy for gender equality, ensuring that women remain at the forefront of innovation in blockchain and automotive.


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